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2020 SNEFA Annual Contest and Clinic

Southern New England Farriers Association - Code Of Ethics

We, the members of the Southern New England Farriers Association, accept the responsibility to practice our profession according to the highest ethical standards.

Therefore we pledge:

To always provide a quality, effective hoof care service to our clients.
To continually improve our skills through education and professional development activities.
To scrupulously adhere to safe and applicable standards of hoof care.
To treat all fellow farriers with respect.
To conduct both our professional and personal lives in a manner to reflect credit on the profession and to set an example of self-discipline for all farriers.
Encourage fellow farriers and other farrier associations to support and uphold these principles, and to question and resist those practices which may undermine or defeat them.

Plan on coming to see this competition all 3 days. Competitors will be coming from all over the New England and the USA.

You might even see a couple of the competitors from the TV show Forged in Fire,

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2020 SNEFA Contest Information

Leading Partner Leading Partner
Leading Partner Leading Partner
Leading Distributor Leading Distributor
American Farriers Journal American Farriers Journal
Stonewell Bodies Stonewell Bodies
Education Education
Competitors Competitors
Forged In Fire Forged In Fire
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