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Music Festival on the Country 92.5 Stage

JUNE 12, 8:PM

Blackstone Cherry Saturday June 12th 8pm

For 17 years, Black Stone Cherry has put forth a new vicious breed of Southern rock, injecting youthful vitality and a myriad of fresh new influences into the beloved American rock tradition. To date, the band has released five critically acclaimed albums, and one well-received blues EP. Black Stone Cherry has also rocked 12,000cap arena shows, topped the UK charts, and shared the stage with a diverse roster of superstars, including Def Leppard, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bad Company, Mötorhead, and ZZ Top.
Black Stone Cherry came together in 2001 in Edmonton, Kentucky, eventually coalescing around the lineup of Chris Robertson, vocals and guitar; Ben Wells, guitar and vocals; Jon Lawhon, bass and vocals; and John Fred Young, drums. Young's dad Richard, and his Uncle Fred, are two members of the iconic country-fried rock n’ roots band The Kentucky HeadHunters, and the high school-aged boys came up honing their craft in the group’s Practice House, a 1940s bungalow.
“We grew up in the Kentucky Headhunters’ rehearsal space, looking up at posters of Cream, Led Zeppelin, Uriah Heep, the Stones, Montrose, and the Faces. We were like kids someone took in a time capsule and put in the woods,” says drummer John Fred Young.

Friday June 11, Line-up

June 11, 4:00
June 11, 6:00

Saturday June 12, Line-up

June 12, 1:00
June 12, 2:30
June 12, 4:00
June 12, 5:30
June 12, 7:00

Blackstone Cherry 8:00

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Sunday June 13, Line-up

June 13, 1:30
Wavy Mcgrady and the Loft Wavy Mcgrady and the Loft June 13, 3:00 June 13, 3:00
June 13, 3:00
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