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Gymkhana Horse Games June 5th 2021,presented by Lock Stock & Barrel

So you want to be a cowboy or cowgirl... Come have some fun with us... with $2,000.00 in Added Prize Money
This is a Non-Pro Event... Strictly for Amateur Riders
$2,000.00 in Added Prize Money was Put up by Lock Stock & Barrel a full line farm supply store located in Bethany, CT.
Gymkhana is timed obstacle racing on horseback. It is a action packed, precision sport of the equestrian world. It's one of the most exciting family oriented equestrian sports in the world. A good Gymkhana horse must have the speed of a race horse, the turning quickness and agility of a cutting horse and the control and responsiveness of the stock horse.
In recent years Gymkhana has been steadily gaining in popularity. New events have been designed for competition between riders which bring into play the abilities of the rider and the speed and handiness of the horse. A number of events such as Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, and the Arena Race, can be found at gymkhanas throughout the United States.
Moonracer Farms llc Moonracer Farms llc
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Non-Pro Gymkhana Horse Games

Saturday June 5, 2021
Arena Opens at 7:00am
Last Entry @ 7:30 am NO EXCEPTIONS
Games Start 8:am - End 2:pm
Moonracer Farms,
Please "TEXT" Joellee with any questions 203-940-8547
Open to all Non-Pro Riders ONLY
5-D Format, with 1 Second Splits

Dash (Arena Race)

Pays 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th - Places

If there is no winner in a place the money will be redistributed in that division. (ALL MONEY WILL BE PAID OUT!!!!)

This is a Non-Pro Event

No Professionals of any kind are allowed to participate in this event, this includes putting a Youth or Amateur on a Horse, which a carded professional rode the night before or is riding in the PRCA Preformance

$50 Entry Includes 3 Classes @ $14 each plus $8 Office Fee
You may ride in the classes you would like to, but you must PAY for the total $50
Entry fee per 1 horse 1 rider combination
Riders are not Obligated to ride all 3 classes
Limited to the first 100 No-Pro Riders
100% Pay Back of Added Money, Currently at $2,000
80% / 20% Payout of Entry Fees

We Highly Recommend You SHOW UP EARLY...
Pre-Registration Opens June 13th and Closes June 18th at 8:pm
Below is an example of "Exact Payouts'
If you have any questions, now is the time to ask...

$500 added for high point champions of the day

$300 to champion and $200 to reserve champion

Point system is as follows

All divisions : 1st = 4 points, 2nd = 3 points, 3rd = 2 points, and 4th = 1 point

In case of tie money will be divided equally

Payout percentages for divisions 1D~30%,2D~25%,3D~20%,4D~15%,5D~10%

Payout percentages for places 1st~40%, 2nd~30%, 3rd~20%,4th~10%

Example of payout for 100 riders with $1000 added money for each class

$4160 entry fees + $1000 added money = $5160

4 classes @ $1290 paid in each

1D = $387

1st $153.40

2nd $115.40

3rd $76.70

4th $$38.70

2D = $322.50

1st $129.00

2nd $96.76

3rd $76.70

4th $38.70

3D = $258

1st $103.20

2nd $77.40

3rd $51.60

4th $25.80

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