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Gymkhana Horse Games June 9th 2024,

JUNE 9, 2024


GYMKHANAS are a timed event racing around obstacles on horseback. It is an action-packed, precision sport of the equestrian events. It's one of the most exciting family oriented equestrian sports in the world. A good gymkhana horse must have the speed of a racehorse, the turning quickness and agility of a cutting horse and the control and responsiveness of the stock horse.

In recent years gymkhanas have been steadily gaining in popularity. New events have been designed for competition between riders which bring into play the abilities of the rider and the speed and handiness of the horse. A few events such as Barrel Racing, Pole Bending and the Dash Race, can be found at gymkhanas throughout the United States.

This a NON-PRO event. Pro Riders that hold a Card/Permit in any Professional Rodeo association (PRCA, WPRA, IPRA, APRA) are not eligible for this non-pro event.

Read this next part Slow.... and understand this is a non-pro event. If you competed on Friday night in the Barrel Race as a "NON-PRO" "Meaning": that you DON'T hold a Card/Permit in any Professional Rodeo association (PRCA, WPRA, IPRA, APRA) YOU and your Horse "CAN" compete in the Gymkhana. Any "HORSE" that was ridden by Pro Rider in the Friday night Barrel Race will not be permitted in this non pro gymkhana event.

This show is RAIN or SHINE

2023 sponsors have added $2,500 minimum in added prize money.

Our sponsors are:

Agriventures Agway

Sherman Farm


Let them know how much THEY ARE APPRECIATED!!!

Agriventures Agway Agriventures Agway
Saddleview Farm Saddleview Farm
Sherman Farm Sherman Farm


Saturday June 10th, 2023

Registration opens at 7:00 AM at the rodeo gate and closes at 8:AM

Pay at the rodeo gate.

Arena opens at 7:00 AM

Games start at 8:30 AM - end 2:00 PM


Currently as of 11:15 MAY 1, 2023, Entries are Full with a 100 riders,

We do have a waiting list, just in case someone turns out,

Feel Free to send Missy a message to get on the waiting list,

Thank you

Call ahead entries May 1st through May 15th, accepting 100 riders maximum.

Proper Western attire required.

Please call Missy @ 203-948-3374.No later than 9:00PM

This is a non pro event, please RESPECT this.

4D Format

1D- Fastest time

2D -1 second off fastest time

3D -2 seconds off fastest time

4D -3 seconds off fastest time



$30.00 per class (Per Division)

$10.00 arena fee (Per Horse)

Barrel Racing

Pole Bending

Dash Race

100% Pay back of added money.

80%/20% pay out of entry fees.

Divisions (Based on age as of June 10 th )

Buckaroos (9 years old and under)

Juniors ( 10-15 years old)

Open (All Ages)

You are required to enter in 2 events, entry fee per one horse, one rider combination, one division. Buckle to be awarded to the high point winner in the Buckaroo, Junior and Open Division. Points cannot be combined if rider competes in more than 1 division.

* With paid Gymkhana entry, you will receive two wristbands. The wristbands will allow you and your guest to enter the Stampede free.

Buckle sponsors

Buckaroos------- BOA Construction Bethlehem, CT

Juniors---------- -JR Horsemanship Smithfield, RI

Open------------ DiMatteo Family Bethany, CT

Best dressed ----NJM Landscaping Bethany, CT

** AWARDS & PAYOUT 1 HOUR AFTER SHOW (designation to be determined)

Questions only please contact:

Missy-- 203-948-3374

Robin-- 203-996-9504

Kacey-- 203-996-557

*Re-runs permitted for equipment / timer failure ONLY*
** Collared shirts required**
Dash Dash
Juniors Juniors
Open Division Open Division
Pole Bending Pole Bending
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