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Cowgirl Triathlon - $1,500 Payout

Breakaway Roping, Barrel Racing, and Goat Tying

The cowgirls will steal the show at the Goshen Stampede this year with the first ever Women’s Triathlon. These handy cowgirls get to show off their roping, barrel racing, and goat tying skills all in one run, on one horse!

In this triathlon, the cowgirl begins with a breakaway run, roping her calf by the neck, then on to the barrel pattern, turning three and heading home, finishing her run with goat-tying, by stepping off her horse and tying her goat to get her final time.

This action-packed, timed event will bring a lot of entertainment to the arena! The Women’s Triathlon will be a crowd favorite!

Check out this video of the winning run from the rodeo, courtesy of Murphy Harrington-Hirschy:

Pre-registration only - Limited to 20 Cowgirls

$75 Per Entry, Limited Entries
Currently all Spot have been filled
Must be onsite at the Goshen Stampede, to be eligible as a back-up entry

April Masterson
Shyla O'Neill
Summerlin O'Neill
Maggie King
Tracey Brennan
Lacey Winslow
Lauren Winslow
Emily Fabien
Taylor Feldeisen
Cheyenne Chamberlain
Gabby Graham
Lexi Graham
Katie Wenger
Pepper Cronk
Hannah Cronk
Nicky Davison
Carlene Domes
Abby Pirece
Serria Vantassel
Jenna Dunbar
Trinity Alexander
Cindy Martin
Jennifer Uscilla
Ryleigh Sousa

Must be onsite at the Stampede, to be eligible as a back-up entry
Cash Only
Sign in and pay $75 entry at Announcer Booth, 10:am Sunday June 12, 2022
$1,500 Payout
Paying 5 Places
1st $500
2nd $400
3rd $300
4th $200
5th $100

Order of Event:
Come out of Calf Box to start the timer,
Rope calf (honest attempt must be made).
Go right into Standard Barrel Pattern, left or right first
After 3rd Barrel come home to Tie the Goat,
Flagger ends time, once Goat is Tied and Cowgirls hands are clear.

Highly recommended to use elastics to tie Breakaway rope to Horn, so if you miss you can ripe it off before you take out a barrel...

Broken Barrier +10 seconds
Missed Calf +10 seconds
Downed Barrel +5 seconds
Skipped Goat Tie or Goat comes untied is a Disqualification
Goat Must remained tied for 6 seconds
Barrels will be drug after 8 runs
Western Attire Dress Code,
Cowboy Hat or Helmet
Button Down Western Shirt

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